Colours Of Magadi

Lake Magadi is the southernmost lake in the Rift Valley in Kenya. 

We had heard of the beauty of this lake over the last couple of years and had seen some stunning photographs by Gurcharan Roopra, a Kenyan photographer. On our latest visit to the country, we decided to sign up with him to do a photo safari of this lake. From up above – a helicopter ride, with Peter Achammer piloting us. It was a relatively small, 4 seater, machine. The experience of the ride itself was worth the price. As we flew over the Ngong Hills, there were moments when we were certain that we could actually touch those hills. It took us about half an hour from Nairobi to Magadi.

We spent the next 60 mins flying over the lake and getting the most amazing views and perspectives. The sense of vastness of land and sky were indescribable. We invite you to enjoy the beauty of this lake through our photographs. We recommend you click on each of the pictures to view them on fill screen!

Colours Of Magadi-2

About 100 square kilometres in size, this lake is a highly saline, alkaline lake. It is mainly recharged by saline hot springs. Though the lake is in the catchment are, the water evaporates quickly leavinga dry bed and vast salt pans. The environment is harsh and offers very little in terms of wildlife. Some microorganisms, some invertebrates, some highly adapted fish, beetles and birds dominate the lake.

The colours on the lake change continuously as the sun rises higher. Rusty oranges speckled with white flamingos …

Colours Of Magadi-3

… gives way to vivid greens!

Colours Of Magadi-4

Flamingos taking off in a flurry of wings and splashes of water …

Colours Of Magadi-5

Flamingos gliding over the vapour rising from the hot springs …

Colours Of Magadi-6

With the change in seasons, parts of the lake are dry – brown sand bars are interspersed with rivulets that reflect the beautiful blue sky.

Colours Of Magadi-7

The flamingos fly in effortless unision.

Colours Of Magadi-8
Colours Of Magadi-9
Colours Of Magadi-10
Colours Of Magadi-11

The textures of the drying lake bed are as fascinating as the colours.

Colours Of Magadi-13

Along the shoreline the colours and textures come together to form incredible patterns.

Colours Of Magadi-14

Beautiful vistas …

Colours Of Magadi-15

… stunning scenes …

Colours Of Magadi-16
… even with humans photobombing!
Colours Of Magadi-17

It then goes into the realms of the surreal!

Colours Of Magadi-18

Is this a lake or a glimpse of outer space?

Colours Of Magadi-19

As we fly one last time around the lake, the flamingos come together – a perfect formation to articulate what we feel – a place we have fallen in love with. A place we definitely want to return to as soon as possible.

Colours Of Magadi-20

If the glimpse of what an aerial safari offers has captured your imagination, do browse through Gurcharan’s website and contact him to organise this unique adventure!