Connect – The Words

I am finding it harder and harder to connect with this challenge I have set myself – of writing a post every day! Even with a prompt in place, I find myself wallowing in cliches and puns, and the utterly mundane! (As an example, we connect technologically and call it Whatsapp!)

Today’s word is “connect”.  A word that encompasses everything. We connect physically with each other and call it a hug. We connect emotionally and call it love.Developing The Eye - One - Connect-3I have found connections in other places …

Beads connect to become jewellery.Developing The Eye - One - Connect-4Threads connect to become embroidery.Developing The Eye - One - Connect-5Ingredients connect to become food.Developing The Eye - One - Connect-6Tiles connect to form a mosaic.Developing The Eye - One - Connect-7Connections may not always be happy – like when this snake connected with the eagle!Developing The Eye - One - Connect-8A chance meeting connected me to a delightful 90 plus year old lady. She had created her own connection between an old saree and a chair! Weaving every inch of it with love and precision.Developing The Eye - One - Connect-9Hopefully, this post will now connect me with a lot more people and add numbers to that most important of connections – friends!