Treasure – The Words

Our generation, like many others,  grew up on a story by Robert Louis Stevenson – Treasure Island. We grew up on Grimms Fairy Tales. We grew up on Enid Blyton and Mickey Mouse.

We grew up on treasure being defined not so much by gold and silver or pearls and diamonds, as by dreams.

As we got older, some dreams became reality. Reality became memories. Some dreams just became memories – of dreaming!Developing The Eye - One - Treasure-3

Whether they are unfulfilled wishes or lifetime achievements, or even just the stepping stones of daily life, whether they are happy, sad or merely mundane, these memories are our real treasures. Unchangeable in value, inviolable, safe from loss.

They keep us warm in cold, blue times and keep us grounded while flying high. They hold our friendships in tight bonds and release us from painful clinging when the tentacles close in.Developing The Eye - One - Treasure-4

To aid us in this fabulous journey of accumulating and cataloguing our wealth, we have technology that has grown with us – from the quill to the keyboard, from the pinhole camera to the dSLR.Developing The Eye - One - Treasure-5We have books and computers. Scrapbooks and blogs. Stories and photographs. Treasure chests to hold for us all those little pieces of our life that we revere and hoard.

Our memories of people, places, missed opportunities, golden moments … treasures.Developing The Eye - One - Treasure-6