The Bead Partition

Labyrinths. A page I have “liked” on Facebook. I enjoy reading his daily post. I may or may not agree with his point of view, but I do pause for a moment and think. This is something many of us have no time for and some have no inclination towards! Thinking has become a luxury or old fashioned. Simply thinking. Savouring a thought. Remembering. Creating new thoughts.

Yesterday he wrote a beautiful piece on the thought “Home Is Where Our Stories Are“. He invited readers to share their stories.

I would like to share this story about the bead partition!

These beads have travelled with me from continent to continent over last 27 plus years. In a box or two or three. But they have travelled much longer in time – three generations and over the two branches of my parental family – my two grandmothers. Finally they got strung in my time and space to make this room divider.

This “partition” is a sort of symbol of families coming together and yet having separate beautiful bits special to themselves. Many memories and stories have been woven by these beads – they used to be curtains in my grandparent’s homes – designs created from tapestry designs. Apt. Life is a tapestry, is it not? Now they don’t just divide my room but also my past from my present – allowing each to be coloured by the other; casting beautiful reflections when light shimmers through them and creating intricate shadows at twilight – mysteries to be unraveled. They bring so much colour into our lives! The threads are almost symbolic of holding the people in our life together … people who are strong and caring, beautiful and wise … what more can one ask of life than such bonds that can last a lifetime and beyond? Every time I gaze at these beads, I am wrapped in a magical rainbow of the love.