Blogging 201 – Branding And Traffic – Day 2 – Audit Your Brand

Statutory warning to readers – There is nothing remotely general interest in this post! Things are going to get a little technical here on! But if any of you would like to follow these courses, then please keep up with these posts. Also, somewhere interspersed will be more posts on our personal perceptions and perspectives!

We are using the theme Triton Lite. Why? Because it seemed the right theme when we set up the blog.

So for now, we would like some answers from you all – editors, participants in zero to hero, participants in blogging 201, and all other followers (who have read this far!)

Does the blog look good to you? We have stated over and over again how we named our blog and what our content is and is likely to be in future. We liked the neutral colours and the layout. But is it ready for a change? And if it is, can we actually change it without paying up again for a different theme?!? That is, can we switch themes between premium and normal, premium and premium, etc… considering that we are total amateurs to the world of blogging, terms like widget will need reading up. And that we will do for sure. In the meanwhile all help is welcome!