Zero To Hero – Day 2 – Edit Your Title and Tag Line

Noooo! Please. Its been such a thorny issue! It took us long enough to figure out what we wanted. And we are happy with it, thank-you very much!

Seriously though, it took a fair bit of soul searching to decide on both the title and the tag line for our blog. And then one day it just dawned on us – what we wanted to do was write about everything that inspired us to words. And try and capture on camera some of those wonders that sometimes defy words. So – Pen & Shutter. As for the tag line – well its our explanations for what we perceive and its from our perspective. So – Perceptions & Perspectives.

We are sure that there are as many stories behind blog names and tag lines as there are blogs. Much like book titles or movie names. (Yes, we can see a distinct lack of imagination in the “part 1 / 2 / 3”, the remakes of films … but that, fortunately, is severely limited as yet!) But since this blog is not going to be restricted to linguistics, photography, wildlife, Africa, cookery, painting, soap making, Multi national companies, or any other specific topic, we found our title to be comprehensive and evocative.