Zero To Hero – Day 1 – Introduce Yourself

First for my family and friends who hit the “follow” button when we asked them to follow our thoughts and images … we started this blog more than an year ago (we just paid up the renewal fee, so we know for sure!) and have managed just about half a dozen posts. That’s an expensive way to connect with the wide green world!

So we decided we need to get more disciplined and learn “to blog” properly. And here we are. Having signed in to two online courses. Zero to Hero will hopefully make us better bloggers. Blogging 201 – Branding and Traffic –  will hopefully teach us how to get you and the rest of the world to read what we write and look at our pictures.

Pen & Shutter is just that – a combination of words and pictures. We want it to be a showcase of life viewed through our lens and distilled through words. So far its been mainly about Africa, wildlife, nature … but sooner than later, the rest of the world will creep in. And we really hope you enjoy sharing it with us.

And yes, we are 24 hours late for the first assignment! We sure need to do these courses! So that is what the cover image is all about – new beginnings.