Blogging 201 : Branding and Traffic – Day 1 – Set Three Goals

Well, the very fact that this post is a good 24 hours late makes it pretty easy for us to set some goals here!

Lets keep to the point – we need to head to assignments for day 2, you know!

Goal 1 – Try to keep up with assignments in both Zero to Hero and Blogging 201. Even if we cannot check in every day (and we cannot because we are often not within reach of the internet, sorry!) try and catch up within the next 24 – 48 hours, clear the backlog and get back on track!

Goal 2 – Use the lessons from goal 1 to try and blog regularly after the courses end.

Goal 3 – Try and build a readership – not just because of branding but because the content is mesmerising and irresistible! But yes, learn to explore available tools to achieve this.